Software-Defined Radio Odds and Ends

This is by no means definitive, but it should get you started.

DRIVERS ETC - Your antivirus might not like this, it's a .zip containing executables, but it's safe.


SDR Dongle Setup – 25 Nov 3013 - Updated 11 Jan 2014


USB DBT Dongles;

·         - Search E-bay for "Software Radio USB DVB-T RTL2832U+R820T" 

·         -- Current price seems to be about $9 shipped.  My latest came from seller "easyshopping678"  Took about 3 weeks.

·         - Any dongle that uses the Realtek RTL2832U demodulator and the R820T tuner should be compatible with the available softeware.

·         -  These tune from 25 MHz to beyond 1000 MHz so you'll need an up-converter to get the lower freq's.

·         - I've been working on my own up-converter design, but it's not reproducable. You might want to consider this integrated unit from Japan for $58:  Search E-bay " Soft66RTL HF, VHF SDR including RTL2832u+R820T with upconverter" YMMV


Load SDR Console Version 2 from:

Latest is 2.1 Beta


Copy the RTL USB drivers (DLL's) into the SDR-PRO folder in Program files.


1.      You’ll need to know whether your CPU is 32- or 64-bit

2.      COPY the three files from the appropriate folder, and paste to:

3.      C:/program files/


Plug the dongle into the USB port.  You’ll need to use the same port every time.  So choose wisely, or you’ll have to rerun the following Zadig ditty for each port.


Use Zadig to set up basic driver for the dongle.  Zadig does not need to be “installed,” just click on it in my folder.  Use Zadig for WIN7 and Zadig_XP for WIN XP systems.


1.      Click “Options”  - “List all devices”

2.      Select “Bulk-In, Interface (Interface 0)

3.      Insure that the block to the right of the green arrow says “WinUSB)

4.      Click “Install Driver”


Start SDRConsole (V2)


1.       “Home” – “Radio” – “Select” –“ Definitions” – “Search”:  It should find the dongle, select it and click OK.

2.       Back in “Select Radio” click the dongle from list.  Click “Start” Waterfall and Spectrum Displays should start.

3.       Tune the FM Broadcast Band for starters.