N3FRQ's  Presentations


2020 NJARC DX Contest Preparations

Evolution of the Loudspeaker

Electronic Restoration of Radio Receivers (August 1994)  

Show and Tell, RCA - Part 2 (October 2007)  MI-8751/SCR-288

NJARC Oscilloscope School a.k.a. "Scopes For Dopes"  

The Evolution of U.S. Clandestine and Long-Range-Patrol Radios - 1940-1970 (November 9, 2007)

Homemade Radios: Hints & Kinks (January 2008)

The "Jersey City Special" Crystal Set

.PDF / PowerPoint

Crystal Sets 202

Edwin Armstrong and the Dawn of the electronic Age

WWII Aircraft Carrier Homing

Building Homebrew Radios

Spy Radios

Radio Restoration

BCB DX Contest Preparation

Bluetooth for Antique Radios

Automatic Volume Control

Radio in the Teens

Ham Radio for the Antique Radio Person

Remedial Radio for Engineers
Part 1 -
The Basics and Some History

   Part 2 - Decibels and Filters

   Part 3 - Amplifiers

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