SWL Antenna Distribution System
Copywrite 1997, 2007 - Alan R. Klase - All rights reserved.

    I have developed a methodology for connecting multiple LF/MF/HF  receivers to a single antenna via readily available and inexpensive 75-ohm TV cable.  Custom made baluns and splitters provide impedance matching and prevent interaction between receivers.  The following drawing shows a representative system.  Construction details are given below.
  • Broad-namd transformers based on binocular coils:  BALUNS
  • Simple, effective active antenna:  ACTIVE
  • Order cores from ByteMark  BN-43-202 is now known as B-202-43

4:1 Balun
 Grounding Block
  • 3-dB Hybrid Splitter
  • A/B Switch
  • 4:1 Balun
  • Loop Coupler

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