The Elusive AR-88 S-Meter

This page still needs some work, but folks seem to need the info now.  - Al,  16 July 2009

AR-88 Meter Sometimes you get lucky.  I found this at a local hamfest recently.  (June 2009)  The price tag tells the story.
In 1952 someone built this "Antenna Scope" sort of RF indicator using an AR-88 meter movement.
I was concerned that it might not be "the" meter, but when I got it out of the instrument I discovered that it had the proper hole for the pilot light, carefully sealed up with electrical tape.  It's also marked 5 ma. in pencil. AR-88 meter back
Interior view of the factory-installed meter in my #1 AR-88D.  Here's my PDF'ed drawing of the mounting plate.  AR-88_Meter_Mount.cdr.pdf
Print it out.  In Vista select paper scaling = NONE.  Check that the dimensions are correct. Paste it to your stock, then center-punch the holes.
Here's a .PDF of a reconstructed meter scale:  AR88_Meter.pdf