New Receiver in the N3FRQ Collection

This radio came from a local ham, who found it in a box at a civilian flea market a few years ago.  The seller told him that it belonged to his father, and had come with him from Israel.
It's a three-band superhet tuning 5-12 MC, 2-5 MC, and 200-500 neters (600-1500 KC).  Left knob is RF gain. Right knob is tuning.  Small button, top center, pulls out to cause IF to oscillate to provide BFO function.  Markings, "STR." and "SILA" are beleived to be Polish.

Components seem to be of US and British manufacturer. Tubes are 7-pin minatures:  1R5 converter, 1T4 IF, 1S5 detector and first AF, and 1T4 AF out.  It plays nicely on 1.5 and 45 volts drawing less than 3 mA from the B-battery.

Size and external construction match the 51/1 transmitter of WWII vintage shown in "Clandestine Operations" by Pierre Lorain (ISBN 0-02-575200-6).

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