Restoration of a "Liberated" R-100/URR Moral Set

Mystery Case
     I acquired this set in a local antique radio club auction for the princely sum of five dollars.  I suspected it was a military morale set. due to the high tube count and JAN (Joint Army Navy) numbers next to the tube sockets.  The case is 18" x 12" x 10" and probably has been recovered with what looks like shelter-half (pup-tent) canvas.  It tunes three bands and includes an RF stage. The tube lineup is 1LN5, 1LC6, 1LN5, 1LN5, 1LH4, and 3Q5; plus 25L6 and 25Z6.   The audio transformer is hermetically sealed and electrolytic caps look pretty military.  
     I posted an "all -points bulletin" to a couple of radio related mailing lists on the internet that included a link to these photos.  In short order a couple of people identified it as a version of type R-100/URR, and Marty, AA4RM, replied with a link to his website,, containing pictures, history and service info on these sets.
New Dial
     I replaced the all the paper capacitors before trying the set as they were members of the infamous Micamold clan.  (See Replacement)  I elected to leave the original electrolytics, as they appeared to be high-quality units and showed no sign of fluid leakage.  I also tested the tubes finding a defective 1LA6 convertor.  The set played immediately upon power up.  I touched up the alignment, just in case.  Keep in mind that this is a "hot-chassis" AC/DC set:  Use an isolation transformer!
     The original dial and pointer were among the missing.  I used the blurry front panel image from Marty's sit as a guide to produce a new dial scale using Corel Draw.  This is professional graphic-arts software with a lot of features that make this a relative snap.  For example, the individual dial ticks can be rotated around the image to correct calibration.  I recommend it, but there is a learning curve involved.  Calibration turned out to be reasonably accurate with no tweaking.